UNITRONIC® Actuator Sensor Cables



UNITRONIC® SENSOR is a range of flexible cables for automated assembly to sensor-plug-cables. Highest emphasis is on optical and stripping characteristics.


UNITRONIC® SENSOR LifYY - Conductor: extra fine bare copper strand in accordance with DIN VDE 0295 Class 6; core insulation: PVC, outer sheath: PVC


UNITRONIC® SENSOR DESINA® LifY 11Y- stranded super fine bare copper conductor. In accordance with VDE 0295 Class 6, special PVC insulation, cores twisted layers, core identification in accordance with DESINA® (brown, white, blue, black). Outer sheath is made of special polyurethane-based compound; yellow colour acc. to RAL 1021; flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2.


UNITRONIC® SENSOR FD Li9Y11Y and SENSOR FD Li9YC11Y - AWM UL Style 20549, 80°C/300 V. Conductor: Cu strand, bare, extra-fine wire according to DIN VDE 0295 Class 6, core insulation: modified polypropylene (PP), outer sheath: halogen-free polyurethane (PUR), matt, adhesion-free. UNITRONICE® SENSOR FD series cables are specially designed fro use in power chains.


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