ETHERLINE® - Active network components

Ethernet technology based networks are playing an increasingly important role in industries. Our ETHERLINE® portfolio offers comprehensive solutions for your Ethernet network. You can always rely on our products to avoid downtimes and expensive breakdowns. The systems are made up of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive and active network technology to deliver an effective solution.

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Application areas

•        Industry and building networks

•        Industrial machinery and plant engineering

•        Automation technology

•        Control engineering

Our cables have Polyolefin or Foam skin insulation which will create lower capacitance to provide faster communication. With outer jackets in Polyurethane (PUR)/ Halogen free compound material, we provide robustness for industrial networking challenges. ETHERLINE® cables are constructed with different combination of screening like pair screening, overall screening or steel wire braiding.For seamless connectivity, LAPP also offers matching field-mountable connectors and pre-assembled patch cables and ETHERLINE® Access - managed and unmanaged switches for varied applications. Our products are thoroughly tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure that we can provide the quality that you have come to expect from us.


•        Distribution components such as switches, routers, cables, connectors and accessories for total network security and availability

•        Security systems via firewall solutions

•        Services such as consulting, network design and planning, analysis and support


     ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cable

  • Resilient cabling solutions for demand­ing industrial Ethernet applications
  • Compliance with international standards (e.g. PROFINET®)
  • Field-mountable connectors – quick assembly and reliable without special tools
  • Pre-assembled patch cables with over molded connectors

     ETHERLINE® LAN Structured Building Cabling

  • Cables ranging from Cat.5e upto Cat.7A
  • Transmission frequencies up to 1600MHz
  • Office patch cables complying with Cat.6A
  • Field-mountable connectors as well as accessories

     ETHERLINE® ACCESS Managed and Unmanaged Switches

  • Reliable and robust industrial Ethernet switches
  • Easy construction of redundant networks with quick reconfiguration time of less than 20ms
  • High quality and availability of industrial networks

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