HITRONIC® - Single mode and multimode fiber optic cable

The demand for fast and secure communication network is constantly growing. Fiber optic cables are now an indispensable and irreplaceable communication medium. Our HITRONIC® fiber optic cables transmit large data volumes at unbeatably fast and secure way. They are versatile range of cables for indoor and outdoor applications and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

HITRONIC® - Single mode and multi mode fiber optic cable

Application areas

•        Telecommunications and network technology

•        Industrial cabling at automation level

•        Industrial machinery and plant engineering

•        Data transmission under harsh conditions like mining and tunnel construction, oil and gas platforms, wind power plants

HITRONIC® fiber optic cables have PE/PA buffer tube or tight buffered fibers with aramid yarns as strain relief. This compact design makes cables very easy to install and highly flexible. HITRONIC cables with armoring provide excellent protection against high mechanical stress and rodents. Flame retardant and UV-resistance properties makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. The fiber optic cables by LAPP are dielectric which means they contain no metal. Hence, there is zero electromagnetic interference which ensures cables provide seamless data transmission.


·         Insensitivity to electromagnetic interference

·         Electrical isolation of connected devices

·         Low attenuation values

·         Large transmission distances and high bandwidths

·         Lightweight design

·         Compact dimensions

·         Can be installed in explosive environments

·         High level of interception protection


  • Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) Cables: Simplex and duplex buffered P980/1000 fiber cables with PE buffer tube. These cables provide optical data transmission up to 70m and are suitable for fixed installation in control cabinets, cable ducts and pipes with low mechanical stress.Also, available in PUR sheath for PROFINET applications Type B or C.
  • Polymer Cladded Fibers (PCF) Cables: Simplex and duplex buffered K200/230 fiber with tight-buffered fibers. These cables provide transmission lengths up to 500m. Cables are halogen free, EMC protected and therefore suitable for data transmission in field bus systems such as PROFIBUS, INTERBUS etc.
  • Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) Cables: Available in variations like, single mode (SM) fiber E9/125 OS2, multimode (MM) fiber G62.5/125 OM1 and G50/125 OM2 to OM4. These cables come with gel filled loose tubes and central GRP strength element. It has reinforced glass yarn strain which makes cable watertight and suitable for direct burial. Special aerial cables are designed to withstand harsh weather condition.

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