ÖLFLEX® - Single and multicore cable

ÖLFLEX® is the first branded cable in the world. In 1959, Oskar Lapp – the founder of LAPP developed the first flexible, industrially manufactured control cable with color coded wires. He and his wife Ursula Ida Lapp named the oil-resistant and flexible cables ÖLFLEX®. Today, ÖLFLEX® is a brand synonymous with power and control cable. Their single and multicore cables are the most widely used cables in the world.

OLFLEX® - Single and multi core cable

LAPP as a leader in cable and connection technology has ensured that under ÖLFLEX® brand, we have a wide range of power and control cables to meet requirement of various industries. 

Application areas

  • Industrial machinery, machine tools, plant and equipment engineering
  • Measurement, control, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Wind power and photovoltaic systems
  • Public buildings, airports and railway stations
  • Medical technology, chemical industry, composting plants and sewage works
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Power drive systems
  • Robot applications
  • Railway applications

ÖLFLEX® single and multicore cables have copper conductor and PVC insulation. However, we also provide outer jackets in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane (PUR) and Rubber based on application and environment. The cables are tested and certified with international licenses (like UL & CSA Approval).


  • Suitable for fixed, flexible and highly flexible (energy supply chains) applications
  • Oil resistant, UV resistant, Flame retardant, Halogen free and Fire survival
  • Fulfils the most demanding requirements for chemical and mechanical properties
  • Suitable for weather resistance installations


  • Halogen free Cables:  A product range with halogen free core insulation and outer sheath made of special halogen free compound
  • Rubber Cables: With special TPE outer sheath, these cables are most sustainable in harsh conditions like outstanding weather, good resistance to hot and cold water suited for underground installation. Ozone and UV resistance enable versatile use for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Crane Cables: Round and flat highly flexible reeled cables for movable control panels and consoles which are useful in low, medium and high mechanical stress.
  • Robust Cables: Cables for flexible and fixed installation for robust mechanical use. At room temperature they have increased resistance against acids, caustic solutions and certain vegetable, animal and mineral oils. This range of cables is ideally suited for use in agricultural, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries.
  • Servo Cables: Connecting cable between servo controller and motor for static and occasionally flexible use which are also EMC optimized design
  • Heat Resistant Cables: ÖLFLEX®HEAT range cables are useful for application areas with high ambient temperature (from -190 deg. C to +650 deg. C) like thermal and heating elements.
  • Highly Flexible Cables:  In power chains or moving machine parts, highly flexible, suitable for use in measuring, controls and regulating circuits, assembly and production lines
  • Solar Cables:  Electron beam cross-linked flexible solar cables with optimized performance in water and cold weather, torsional load in wind turbines
  • CY Cables: Screened PVC power & control cable - CY cable for protection against electrical interference. Suitable for use where a high degree of circuit integrity is required and where interference can prevent accurate signal transmission in low or medium voltage installations
  • SY Cables: The steel braided PVC power & control cable - SY cable is for additional mechanical protection. Available in number coded or color coded core identification

In addition to the above range of cables, we have cables Manufactured in India to meet the country specific market requirements. The single core and multicore wires and cables designed for India are

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