SILVYN® - Flexible cable conduits

SILVYN®, the range of branded conduits and cable tracks offer the ideal solution for applications where additional protection from chemical and mechanical stress is required. It provides guidance system and protects cables effectively against dust, moisture, mechanical, thermal and chemical influences. LAPP has a wide range of metal and plastic conduits with matching glands. Our products are flexible, durable and ensure protection for indoor or outdoor application.
SILVYN® - Flexible Cable Conduits

Application range

  • Everywhere where cables are used.

SILVYN® polyamide conduits are highly flexible and light weightwhich can be used in public utilities, mechanical engineering, railway applications, vehicle construction and moving applications. A metal protective cable conduit with roughenedprofile protects cables against high mechanical stress. Under our SILVYN® brand, LAPP also provides suitable connectors for conduits. The connectors are compact, robust and can be used in combination with SILVYN® protective conduits. The versatile SILVYN® CHAIN range of energy supply chains also protect and guide cables in dynamic applications.


•        Durable, abrasion resistant

•        Wide temperature range

•        Flame retardant

•        UV and chemical resistant

•        Quick and easy installation


  • Plastic Protective Cable Conduits: These conduits are made of soft PVC with hard PVC spiral. They are easy to assemble because of smooth inner wall. They are tear resistant and provide protection against chemicals.
  • Parallel Corrugated Protective Cable Conduits: These conduits are made of polyamide (PA 6/PA 12) material which provides high flexibility even in cold temperature. These conduits are dimensionally stable, crush resistant and flame retardant. Being UV-resistant, makes it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Metal Protective Cable Conduits: These are helically wound metal conduits with interlocked profile and galvanized steel wire braiding to give protection from high mechanical stress. These conduits can be used in areas where wires and cables can be damaged by welding sparks and hot chips.Conduits with tinned copper braiding give optimum EMC protection where electromagnetic interference can occur.

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