SKINTOP® - The handy cable glands

SKINTOP® cable glands provide secure connections in no time.  They secure and center the cable, hermetically seal it and guarantee optimum strain relief. You can install the gland with cable in an instant: just feed the cable in and turn the nut until tight.

SKINTOP® - The Handy Cable Glands

With SKINTOP® you can achieve maximum reliability. We continuously monitor our quality to ensure a level of reliability that has resulted in many international approvals. SKINTOP® products ensure up time, increase productivity, minimize concerns, make your job easier and saves you time.

Application range

•        Industrial machinery and plant engineering

•        Drive systems

•        Measurement and control technology

•        Renewable energies

•        Wherever cables need to be fastened securely and quickly

SKINTOP® integrated locking mechanism includes an internal ratchet inside the sealing portion of the cord grip. This provides a self-locking and vibration-proof element that prevents the cap from loosening even when subjected to severe vibration. These cable glands can withstand temperatures as low as -70°C and as high as 100°C. A complete liquid-tight seal is ensured by the uniquely designed molded sealing ring and flange nut that are combined with a neoprene bushing and domed sealing cap.


·         Universal, quick and easy to assemble

·         High operational safety and reliability even under strenuous conditions

·         The perfect fit for every requirement due to a range of versions and comprehensive accessories

·         With bending protection for mobile use

·         Wide clamping range


SKINTOP® Single entry system glands: These cable glands are superior in quality, liquid-tight and intended for applications where ruggedness and durability are required. These cable glands are suitable for a wide range of applications in manufacturing industries such as food & beverage, oil & gas, automation, railways etc. Choose from our range of models available in polyamide or metal material for Atex and EMC applications, halogen-free or anti-kink protection with metric, PG or NPT thread.

SKINTOP® Multi cable entry systems: SKINTOP® CUBE provides an innovative approach to traditional multi-cable bushing systems, providing many great improvements and advancements including increased simplicity, ease of use, and safety.The patented SKINTOP® CUBE flexible clip modules provide extremely quick and easy installation with far better sealing and clamping capabilities. Additionally, service to the cables is greatly simplified, as removing the frame from the enclosure is not necessary when replacing cables.

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