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Food processing facilities are governed strictly by F&B Industry guidelines and standards. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in consequences, affecting business operations and profit. That’s why businesses are very careful when considering the types of equipment or machinery they use in their facilities.

LAPP offers a wide range of products that will meet all necessary hygienic requirements without compromising on quality or durability. Whether you’re looking for connectors, cables or glands, LAPP has the right product for you.

Let’s take a look at some of LAPP’s products that can make a difference in your food processing facility.

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Cables & connectors in the F&B industary

ÖLFLEX® cables are designed as control cables, which are flexible yet robust and fulfils the most demanding requirements in a comprehensive range of environmental conditions. Suitable for the Splash Zones and Non-Product Zones, they meet product-specific hygiene regulations and can endure washing by chemical cleaning agents and high-pressure washing at high temperatures.

ÖLFLEX® cables are halogen-free and available with international licences. A versatile cable, they can be deployed in machinery that handles packaging and labelling for organising products, and robots that are handling packaged products for delivery.

EPIC® connector

If a flexible system that consists of casings, inserts, contacts and accessories is what you’re looking for, EPIC® rectangular or circular connectors are your perfect fit. Constructed for machine and plant engineering or drive technology, the EPIC® series of products are robust connectors that aid in measuring, controlling and regulating or driving your machine.

Designed to the highest standards, featuring reliability and optimal functionality, the EPIC® connectors are suitable for bus and fibre optic connections as well. A special range is crafted in a copper alloy with food hygiene in mind, making these connectors easier to clean and perfect for Splash Zones.


UNITRONIC® cables are the perfect pairing for machinery within the Food Zone. Observing the hygienic design for food & beverage industry, the Unitronic Sensor HD M12 cable was specially designed to withstand the ECOLAB tough cleaning agents and conform to the relevant FDA standards.

This hygienic design helps to minimise the risk of food contamination, either through microbiological, chemical or physical contact with contaminated substances. Easily customisable, the solution can be tailored to fit your processing facility perfectly.


A universal system that is simple, perfect and easy to install, the SKINTOP® cable glands securely fix, centre and seal all your cables in a matter of seconds. Featuring high operational safety and reliability, these cable glands can be used even in the most demanding of environments. The SKINTOP® cable glands feature an edgeless design without gaps and they are unaffected by stains. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and prevents the build-up of food particles and micro-organisms. Observing EHEDG, DIN EN ISO 14159, DIN EN 1672-2, or NSF regulations, these cable glands are perfect for the Food Zone.

Watch the SKINTOP® HYGIENIC video here

Cables & connectors in the F&B industry

“Wherever food is involved, hygiene is at the top of the agenda. Production facilities should therefore be designed according to the principles of hygienic design. Cables, connectors and housing bushings play an important role.”

– Andreas Bauer, Head of Product Management for system products at U.I. Lapp GmbH

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