Comprehensive Industrial Communication by LAPP

Comprehensive Industrial Communication - Engineered by LAPP

Whether you are into Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing or Automotive, Robust & Reliable network connectivity keeps your world running. Connectivity is no longer a communications matter. Today, it concerns your productivity and defines your competitive advantage. The idea of Industry 4.0 is seamless connectivity - where multiple devices are intelligently communicating to each other in harsh environments, at the speed of light to help you make critical data-driven decisions.

Data consumed by businesses are changing today; and so is the demand for Industrial Communications. It is transforming businesses in surprising ways - making it possible to save considerable amounts of costs and effort. Industrial networks are employed in vast numbers across industries to advance automation by providing a powerful means of reliable and seamless data transmission, data exchange, data controllability and flexibility to combine heterogeneous systems.


"With so much communication between things, the number of connections is exploding, and connection solutions are becoming ever more important."

- Georg Stawowy, member of the Board for Technology and Innovation, LAPP

Industrial Communication by LAPP

As a leader in Cable & Connection Technology, LAPP offers comprehensive industrial communication solutions which are customised for factory, process and building automation.

Our extensive portfolio includes data lines, connectors, patch cords and ethernet & fieldbus switches. We offer everything today's smart network needs such as, complete cabling and connector systems, comprehensive connectivity between the sensor/actuator and control levels to an ERP system - all under one roof!

We always select the right solution for you from thousands of data transmission building blocks to enable your connectivity needs.

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End-to-end solutions:

We are uniquely placed to serve all your connectivity needs, thereby eliminating the challenge of dealing with multiple vendors and integration issues.

Open Protocol Standards:

LAPP is protocol independent and offers products and solutions for all protocol standards.