Machine Tool

The machine tool industry is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. The main objective of this industry is to build machines which will work towards reducing operational downtime for its customers. According to IMTMA, the industry is increasingly moving towards sophisticated CNC machines driven by key
segments like automobiles and consumer durables. This calls for increased focus on identifying and sourcing the right quality of cabling solutions which enhances the productivity, precision and reliability of the machine tool.

The industry demand for slim, light weight, highly flexible cables which not only meet the global standards but also overcome the challenges faced due to harsh environment conditions, continuous motion and high temperature. LAPP offers its array of cables, connectors, cable glands, conduits, marking systems and accessories for the machine tool industry. In addition, the OLFLEX® CONNECT cable assembly solution from LAPP ranges from cable or custom servo assemblies to complex drag chain applications. This plug and play solution displays superior German quality and high competence for the machine tool industry, hence being the best choice for the fast growing industry.

Required characteristics of cables and accessories for machine tool industry:

  • Cables should be oil resistant. Oil has a tendency to get absorbed into the cable resulting in swelling and softening which eventually degrades the tensile property of the cable.
  • Cables must also be able to sustain vibrations.
  • The cable glands/connectors must be ingress protected. The cables should be dust resistant and must be protected against temporary/continuous immersion in liquids.
  • The cables must comprise of abrasion resistant insulation.
  • The cables must possess the right amount of flexibility as most industrial machines have moving parts.

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