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The Oslo Metro uses LAPP cables
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The Oslo Metro is a lifeline for the Norwegian capital. With 268,000 passengers a day, the T-bane underground rail system is Oslo’s second most popular mode of transportation. The trains run on six lines with a total of 101 stations, and the network is 86 kilometres in length. When it comes to cabling, the operator relies on a secure solution provided by LAPP Norway.
Hygiene takes top priority in food production
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Food & Beverage industry represents one of the most challenging industrial environments. Hygiene taking the top priority, the production facilities needs to adhere to the principles of Hygienic Design. LAPP has a comprehensive proven and tested range of products for almost every application related to dairy processing, meat and fish processing, baking and confectionery processing, bottling and packaging.
LAPP Industrial Fire Protection Cables
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The subject of fire protection is also very important while erect buildings or purchase production facilities. The problem lies with fire spreading via the cable routing paths installed in industrial units. LAPP's FIRE Survival cables for circuit integrity application are suitable for fire application.
Cabling Solutions for Robots & Smart Factories of the Future
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LAPP India focuses on providing cable and connection solution for all kind of applications. With smart factory being the focus in the future, ETHERLINE® range of cables, connectors and switches will further strengthen LAPP’s offering in industrial network solutions and ensure reliable connectivity from one source.
Industrial 4.0: The Era of Smart Factories
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LAPP group is already helping in shaping smart factory initiative by meeting the challenges of the current era. We are actively re-thinking and re-defining the cable and connection technology to meet the challenges of the smart factory of the future.
Rotating and turning
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Robots are getting more compact and agile. Cable manufacturers have to design cables that meet the growing requirements.
5 Trends in Connection Technology
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Industry 4.0, Digitization and the ever-changing world is demanding flexible and robust cabling solutions. To meet the growing demand of the manufacturers adapting the fast-growing technology, following are the 5 new trends in cable and connection technology.
Solar Energy’s role in India’s development
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LAPP has been making a name for itself as a driving force for innovation in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. Since 2012, LAPP India has catered to over 4 GW of grid connected projects with an array of highly efficient and reliable products like cables, connector, splitters and other accessories. For this financial year (Oct ’16-Sept ’17), we hope to cater over 1 GW of PV projects. At present, we cater to about 25 % of the total 13GW of installed grid-connected PV base in India.
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LAPP’s product portfolio is adapting to the changing requirements of the manufacturing industry by constantly innovating. As a competent partner in the realisation of future-oriented networks, we have greatly extended our cabling and connection technology range for Industrial Ethernet and fibre optic cables so that we can supply the market of the future with ground-breaking solutions. The trend is towards smaller and smaller yet also more and more efficient connectors and cables. Our aim as a leading cable and connection technology manufacturer is to meet these industry challenges with our smart range of products.
LAPP enabling Smart Factories with ‘Plug and Produce’ applications
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Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more of a reality. Plug-and-produce products provide the flexibility, modularity and field level control needed to equip the smart factory of tomorrow. The future industries will have innovative machines and plants that can be retrofitted to increase the production efficiency.
The Role Of Cable And Connection Technology In The Era Of Smart Factories
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Mass adoption of digitization across economies and societies has led to emergence of Industry 4.0. In the course of Industry 4.0, the demands on cable and connection technology will also change.