PVC Cables


PVC multi core cables are ideally suited for use as power, control and signal cables in a variety of applications. Its high flexibility ensures easy installation whilst the tough external sheathing will resist the effects of many acids, caustic solutions and various oils.

Based on cable structure, we have three types of PVC cables: YY Cables, CY Cables and SY Cables.

YY Cables

Olflex Classic 100

To identify cores in cable, there are two types of core identification which is being used. One is color coded cores and other is number coded cores.

In color coded, cores contain colors and color combinations for up to 102 cores, and consist of 11 basic colors. The VDE color code applies for cables with up to 5 cores. The different variations of the basic colors are achieved by using one or two colored stripes, meaning each core can be easily distinguished from the rest. The cores are counted from the inside to the outside.The color code applies to the following cables starting from 6 cores:

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In number coded, cores are laid up in black with white consecutive numbering in accordance with VDE 0293.

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CY Cables

Olflex Classic 110 cy

Copper braided multicore PVC CY cables are for protection against electrical interference. They are suitable for use where a high degree of circuit integrity is required and where interference can prevent accurate signal transmission in low or medium voltage installations. Based on applications we have following cables:

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SY Cables

Olflex Classic 110 sy

Steel braided multicore PVC SY cables are for additional mechanical protection.These cables are ideal for many industrial applications including the machine tool industry where the mechanical stress is higher than usual and require flexibility which is a challenge.Galvanized steel wire braid provides extra protection to the cable and extends the service life of an installation. For plant engineering and industrial machinery we have following cables:

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